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Classic Car Guy Introduces Car No. 13671:  1982  Pontiac Trans Am KITT car
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At a Glance...
  • Exterior: Black
  • Interior: Doeskin
  • Engine: 383 Stroker
  • Transmission: 700R4
  • Odometer/Mileage: 40000
Price:  $185,000




Michael Johnson   

Tel: 888-762-5570

AM/FM Stereo, Power Brakes, Power Steering, Power Windows, Power Door Locks, Power Drivers Seat, Interval Wipers, Rear Spoiler, Tachometer, Remote Trunk Release, Security System, Seat Belts

Restored:  2018-2022

It is a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am with around 40,000 orginal miles, but the car was completely rebuilt from the ground up with no expense spared. KITT was ripped down to the bare bones and rebuilt with every available high-performance part. The paint job is the correct color, black paint from the show, and the car didnt have any filler in any body panels. It had one rust spot under the trunk, which was fixed, and the paint job took 7 months. Again, no expense was spared. The heartbeat of KITT is a custom 383 Chevy Stroker with over 550HP mated to a custom 700HP 700R4 Transmission with an 8.8 Rear end. Keep in mind just that alone was a cost of over $25,000. The Suspension is all Spohn, the Braking system is Baer, and this KITT Replica stops on a dime. If you take the time to look at all the pictures, you will see this is truly a masterpiece of art, and no one in the world has done this before. So you want to know about some of the original parts? First, the Pilot/Season 1 License Plate is on the rear end. No one else in the world has that plate and to own an orginal show plate is about $7500 to $10,000, depending on the condition and car it was on during filming. Next, lets go to the windshield. During the filming of Knight Rider, a clear windshield was installed and used at all times. The glass is 100% clear, and the rearview mirror mount is attached and viewable in front of the upper console. The windshield was brand new leftover stock from the show, and had the mirror mount in tack and no tint. If found, these windshields are $5000 if you can get one from someone who owns them. We only know of a few left in stock that is brand new. Next, lets talk about the Rear Tailight blackout. This is one that no one has got correct unless you have one from the show. This is copied from an original and is 100% the same color, cut, and mounted the same way as during the shows filming. Next, lets talk about the Front Bumper & Fog Lights: This bumper has been molded from an original and is 100% the exact shape, size, and weight for that perfect screen-accurate look. As you see, the turn signal blackouts don t sit flush with the hood line, as this is the correct way KITT looked. The Fog Lights are brand new old stock and placed precisely the same way they did in the show. So what goes with a killer front bumper and fog lights? How about KITTs original Scanner? It has been a secret for a long time and will stay hidden as this has been sworn to keep this a secret, but the new owner would get to see the magic. Right? No one has made the Scanner correctly because no one has the information on the original Scanner and all the functions. The scanner is built exactly to spec in size, weight, bulbs, and features. So what about the TVs, you say? They are original black & white CRT TVs as these are new old stock televisions... the same ones used in the series! They are connected to HD media players and allow you to watch whatever media you want! One of the TVs also doubles as the display for our front camera. Next, lets talk about the interior of the KITT. The correct color of the seats is called doeskin. The last 10 yards of original 1982 material were purchased to make this replica stand out. Unless you have a brand new or hardly used 1982 Trans Am, finding original seat material is impossible. As for the electronics... KITTs lower console was molded from an original console from the show, and all the buttons are leftover from the show and are brand new old stock. These are the same buttons used during the shows run. Our upper console is another original piece duplicated from the original to show accuracy. The buttons down to the black screw heads are 100% the same way the pilot car had. How about the dash and steering wheel, you say? Just look at the photos. This is just scratching the surface of this build which has taken 4 years to be completed. Please remember that every part was brand new, either from the show or OEM from GM. For example, the Taillights and T-Tops were new old stock and had never been used before. The list goes on and on and on and on, well you get the point, and I hope this sheds some light on why the cost of this build is so much.

The only thing the new owner would want to do is a ceramic coat to protect it.

Orginal 1982 correct color all-new, no rips or marks!

All new. 383 Stroker, 700R 4-Speed 900HP Trans, Spoohn suspension, Baer Braking.

Possibly The best KITT Knight Rider car in existence. It features many original studio components . This 1982 Pontiac Trans Am has around 40,000 orginal miles. completely rebuilt from the ground up with no expense spared . The restoration and recreation of KITT was painstakingly and lovingly restored and goes beyond that of most classic car restorations. This KITT is All new (100%). 383 Stroker, 700R 4-Speed Trans, Spoohn suspension, Baer Braking . Since restored the car has about 150 easy miles on it. This car has has received some hefty offers in the past , far exceeding current asking price!! KITT got a $2000 maintenance package in 2023... Oil changed, trans fluid changed, New upper rad hose and flush, , New manifold exhaust gaskets and professionally tuned. - Plus a few other things fixed. 100% driveable!! [ ClassicCarGuy.com 888.762.5570]

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