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classic car enthusiast and collector of vintage automobiles

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If you dont want the vehicle to get away from you, you may consider providing us with a $500 deposit at this time which will hold the car for seven (7) calendar days. We will immediately provide a receipt.

Of course You may wish to pay for the car in whole at this time. Bank Wire Transfer is the Most common method. Call us for our bank info.

Here are several ways you may provide a deposit for the vehicle:

  • Credit Card - (fee applied) - Payments may be made using a credit card [USE BUTTON BELOW!]. Please add 2.9% of amount to cover fee.  

  • PayPal – (fee applied) – Deposits and/or car purchases may be made using your PayPal account [USE BUTTON BELOW!] or by simply using this email address: Mike@ClassicCarGuy.com. Please add 2.9% of amount to cover fee.  

  • Zelle / Clear Exchange Transfer - (No fee). Transfer up to $2500/Day from your bank to our bank by simply using our email address: Mike@ClassicCarGuy.com or our registered telephone number (805-234-8850). Call your bank and ask about Zelle / ClearExchange. Participating Banks are: Wells Fargo, JP Morgan, Chase, Capitol One, US Bank, First Bank, Bank of America and others.  

  • Branch to Branch Bank of America (BofA) Direct Transfer – (No fee) If you are a BofA customer, you can transfer funds instantly from your BofA account to our BofA account either in person or by online banking. Call us for our bank info.  

  • Bank Wire Transfer – (Fee applied). Most common method. Allows you to transfer funds in any amount from your bank to our bank. You will have to do this in person at your bank unless you have made special pre-arrangements with your bank. Call us for our bank info.  

  • Bank Check: Our Mailing Address is 1241 Johnson Avenue, Suite 214, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401  

  • Upon payment ClassicCarGuy.Com will provide you with a Buyer Agreement as receipt and suggest or arrange for you transportation services.   


    Use the Button Below to Pay a Deposit by Credit Card or PayPal ! !