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"Hello shiny metal fans! I'm the Classic Car Guy! As a modest Super Hero of the Planet Cruisemania and Champion for the preservation of the Classic Car Universe, I personally Welcome you to  ClassicCarGuy.Com!"

The Classic Car Guy

Welcome To Classic Car Guy!

ClassicCarGuy.com began in the "dot.com" era in 1999 and took the Classic Car consignment idea from the warehouse to the Internet. We were one of the first websites to develop the services that help the buying and selling process run smoothly. Since 1999 we have been offering Sellers FREE ADVERTISING at our expense. And, we have been offering our Buyers Pre-Purchase Inspections (Nationwide), Escrow Services for safely buying vehicles long distance and Transportation Services.

We are proud to have protected many buyers from purchasing vehicles on the Internet that were misrepresented, glad that we have helped many Buyers safely purchase vehicles via our simple escrow (exchange) service and gratelful to have transported hundreds of vehicles safely to the door via our Shipping Services. We have also saved Sellers hundreds of dollars and some frustrating time-wasting calls via our FREE ADVERTISING. Our long-time affiliations with huge classic car sites pays off for our Sellers.

Yes, Classic Cars are our passion and we offer here a mixture of cars that are owned by us and cars owned by other Classic Car Guys. We make the purchasing experience safe, logical, intelligent and easy.

Here is Some Helpful Information on How To Use Our Site to Find What you Want:

View a List of Our Inventory:

  • Click the arrow right of the Main Menu centered above.
  • Or, just click the Inventory Page to view all of our cars 20 at a time.

  • Search For a Vehicle:

  • Use our Search Database window in the upper left of this page. ENTER A MAKE, MODEL OR YEAR. (eg, Type "Camaro" and hit Go to see all Camaros on the site). Entering "1950" will pull up all vehicles made that year for sale. Entering 2 words like "Ford Mustang" will pull up all Fords and all Mustangs.

    If you don't find the right vehicle on this site, then complete our FREE locator service form  by clicking on "Locate a Car"  button. We can help you find the car you are looking for!  

    If you have found a car on this site that you would consider purchasing, but have concerns about the condition of the car, email us for more info. You may also wish to get a 3rd party involved to get an objective, comprehensive report please see our Appraisal Page. We perform top-notch Pre-Purchase Inspections and can have a qualified independant inspector check the car out for you. We do not always get to inspect the cars we advertise, and we do not want any of our buyers to have any surprises.

    The Transportation Page will be helpful to you too, and includes a table for estimating shipping costs.    

    More On Advertising With Us...

    Classic Car Guy is a Super Hero when it comes to Advertising!  Add your car to our expanding universe of classic automobiles for FREE by going to the Add Car Page now! OR...if you want to really expose your car to the Universe, try our multi-web site advertising package for the low price of just $150.00. Click on the Consignment page for more info!  

    A Personal Word From Classic Car Guy...

    "From the bottom of my Nitrous-burning heart I would like to thank each of you for visiting my site. Have fun Crusin' it space cowboys! And be sure to tell a friend about us. Visit again soon because I'm always wrenching on it!"

    --The Classic Car Guy

    SUPERHEROES:  they're everywhere!
    Who's your hero? Is it Batman, Superman or maybe Spiderman? We all LOVE superheroes. Their super-powers protect innocent people like you and I from danger. It's their job, their duty, and their service to mankind to keep bad guys from doing bad things to us!

    But Hold the Phone Batman ! What do Superheros have to do with Classic Cars? Well, here's a short story about why Classic Car Guy is a true hero. He has a storyline. Oh yes.

    Classic Car Guy was raised in Detroipia on the planet Cruisemania in a Galaxy far away. His Father was a talented restorer, an enthusiast and collector of "Earthmobiles" we call Classics. His Father was kind and generous to others and often repaired these Earth vehicles for the poorer inhabitants of his planet at no cost and worked on them because he was passionate about keeping Classics alive! Classic Car Guy learned from his father; not only all about Classics, but also about being a good Cruisemanian. After his father ran out of road, Classic Car Guy became the icon for the preservation of the Classic Car Universe. But alas, all was not well in Detroipia. [Enter villan stage left] One of Classic Car Guy's long-time enemies, Wreck Yard Joe (aka "The Crusher") completed his own restoration. Not of a Classic, but a large machine capable of consuming Earthmobiles and all manner of Spaceships reducing them to just a block of metal the size af a hay bale in a single swallow. In his drunken lust for power, The Crusher vowed to demolish all of the Classic Cars he could get his hands on. "Old antiquated technology designed to poison the Cruisemanian atmosphere!" he would yell out loud. "Who needs these old contraptions? All of them garbage I say!". In this way, The Crusher was able to convince thousands. They became known as Demologists {"Dems"} throughout the land. They agreed to help The Crusher in his goal to eliminate Classics. The Crusher became emboldened and in a public forum vowed to crush the very Spirit of Classic Car Guy himself along with all of his followers. Alas, Classic Car Guy was not strong enough to withstand all the Dems by himself. The dark force was too strong. He began to get discouraged. Our hero felt he was not making a difference in the world at all. He felt defeated. He felt alone. He felt dread upon Detroipia. That is, until one day...

    Our hero, downtrodden, often roamed the streets alone trying to overcome the feeling of dread and disappointment and shame of being a failure. One morning as he was walking down a particular avenue in Detroipia he thought he heard the faint sound of singing. "The wind, I guess" He thought. He took another step and again heard what sounded like singing coming from behind some buildings. "what is it?" he said to himself. He walked toward the sound, curious. Rounding the corner he could hear clearer. "Many voices" he whispered. In amusement he slowly walked toward the lovely sound. He cautiously approached a group of 50 or so individuals singing reverently. He couldnt make out what they were singing about exactly. It was a different sound to him. A compellingly beautiful one, but not in a language he recognized or understood. As he drew closer he could tell all were enjoying themselves. There were smiles. Some had eyes closed. The singing was...well "full of hope you might say" he thought to himself.

    The tap on his shoulder caught him by surprise. He was so focused on the crowd that he hadnt noticed the older man who had entered his space. He silently chastised himself. "What's wrong with you? A hero should never be caught off-guard". He quickly surmised that the man was no threat to him and that he was an Earthling. The man before him had kind eyes and something about him reminded him of his father. "Id like to give you this, hoping it will help". He produced a book in his hand and handed it to our hero who read the scrolled inscription on the Book that said "Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth". Before our hero could say "thank you" the man was gone. "How strange!" said he out loud. Our hero did not realize until much later that this moment marked a difference in his life. He did not realize this was the turning point that would launch him to Universal fame. He did not realize at the time this Book would lead him to power, to his destiny, to great purpose and meaning by introducing him to the ULTIMATE HERO - a REAL Hero and not a fantasy figure or the product of an artist's pen.


    As our humble hero would learn, the ULTIMATE HERO came to Earth from a far away land, many light years away called Paradisia - a perfect place in every way. The ULTIMATE HERO didnt want to leave Paradisia, but He did so to in order to save others! From what you ask? The Death Ray of course! You see, an Earth villan named Dr. Evil [enter Dr Evil Stage left] targets Earthlings of all sorts and instead of crushing classics, he crushes Earthlings. Dr. Evil has a Death Ray he uses on Earth's inhabitants! It kills Earthlings spiritually so that they never have the chance to meet The ULTIMATE HERO and be saved. It's pure evil. But the power of the ULTIMATE HERO is stronger.

    Classic Car Guy learned much about the ULTIMATE HERO which is written in the Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE) he was given. He learned that all are in grave danger of drifting like a spaceship in outer darkness alone forever if we do not allow the ULTIMATE HERO to help us. He learned that The ULTIMATE HERO has a rescue plan for all who run out of road to live with him in Paradisia. Holy Smokes Batman ! How is this possible? It is all possible because the ULTIMATE HERO rose from the dead! That is His superpower! Even Death could not conquer Him. He alone is able to rescue all when they die too! So, you Earthlings - you can call on the name of the ULTIMATE HERO to be saved today too! As Clark Kent is to Superman so is Jesus Christ the The ULTIMATE HERO. The Only REAL HERO and the only Earthling to ever rise from the death Dr Evil arranged for anyone. There is salvation in no one else and in no other name! Everyone who calls on Him will be in Paradisia where He lives forever and can cruise any cool ride you want any time you want and never run out of road!

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