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USA Auto Funding LLC
You can add your car to our Universe Here in just Five Minutes!

BEFORE STARTING: Please have photos of your car on your computer and ready to upload.

If your images do not fit on your computer screen without scrolling right or left or up and down, then they are too big ! Please reduce their sizes to about 1024 x 768 range. [We suggest Microsoft Picture Manager to reduce hundreds of photos in seconds and this program is pre-installed on many computers. Right click any photo and choose "Open With" to see if your PC offers this nifty tool]. If you don't know how to resize photos, try googling it...or in the worst case, just upload one photo at a time here.

UPLOADING PHOTOS: You can upload lots of photos...but not all at once! There is a limit per upload! If all photos are 1024 x 768 range, you can easily upload 10-12 at a time with no problem. As a rule of thumb, If your photos are bigger than your computer screen, you should resize them.

THE FORM: The more information you provide here, the better the ad and the better the success. Once you are done, your ad will go through a review process, and the ad will be posted as quickly as possible.

Thank You Earth Dudes for entering your car in our Universe !! You do not need to advertise anywhere else!
Step 1 "Add Information"
* Required field.  (Make sure these fields are completed before pressing the "Go To Step 2" button. The form will not submit without these fields and fields that you have completed will not be preserved).

Please take a little time to carefully word your ad. You may find it helpful to create the ad in a program like WORD that can help you with spelling and grammer. The more details that you provide here, the better the offers for your vehicle will be! CCG assumes no liability for misrepresented information.
*Your Name and CCG rep (if known):
City, State and Zip:
*Email Address:
Web Address:
*Home/Work Phone:
Cell Phone:
Other Phone:
*Vehicle Location (City, State):
* What is the very least amount you would take for this car? (Use numerals here only. CCG will add our commission fee to the amount entered). $

Vehicle Information  
*Vehicle Year:
Model Type:

Model Type Examples:
GT 350, GT 500, Mach 1, SS, 2 Door, Convertible

If your make and model is not in our list please type your suggestions below.

Suggest Make:
Suggest Model:

*Engine Size:
How long have you owned vehicle?
*All matching numbers vehicle?

Restoration Information  
Has this vehicle been restored?
When was it restored?

Please describe in detail the restoration of the vehicle
 (i.e. List what was restored/modified. Frame Off? Tell us all about it.)

Exterior Information  
Exterior Color:
Wheel/Tire Size:

Please describe the exterior condition in detail. (Any Rust? If so, where/area of extent? Paint condition. Paint Type. Clear coated? When repainted? Describe any paint flaws here.)


Interior Information  
Interior Color/Surface Material:
Please describe the interior condition in detail. (i.e. rips, tears or damage to dashboard, panels, seats, carpet?)

Mechanical Information  
Please describe the engine, transmission, drive train, suspension, and operating condition thereof.

Options and Features  
Check all that apply:
AM/FM Stereo
CD Player
Custom Interior
Air Conditioning
Power Brakes
Power Steering
Power Windows
Power Door Locks
Power Mirrors
Power Drivers Seat
Power Passenger Seat
Telescope Steering
Interval Wipers
Fuel Injected
Rear Spoiler
Tilt Steering Wheel
Keyless Entry
Remote Trunk Release
Security System
Have Service Records
Have Original Manuals
Rumble Seat
Bench Seat
Third Row Seat
Convertible (Soft Top)
Convertible (Removable Hard Top)
Window Sticker/Invoice
Seat Belts
Tank Sticker
Build Record
Dual Side Mounts

NOTES/Additional Information

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to sell your vehicle. For the best results, please make sure the form is filled out completely and honestly before submitting. Please read the Terms and Conditions below before submitting your ad. All ads are subject to our review and approval.  

Terms and Conditions

  • CCG will not be liable for any misrepresentation by the seller. We urge you to be honest and only state what you know to be true.
  • You will not pay CCG fees or commissions, however CCG reserves the right to add to the price of your car in order to make a commission. We add a percentage above and beyond your asking price. CCG reserves the right to alter our success fees. Success fees are collected from the buyer and NOT the seller, unless special circumstances have been agreed to.
  • Our goal is to sell your vehicle. We try not to overprice any automobile. We will contact you with offers. You are not obligated to sell your vehicle in any circumstances.
  • CCG makes no guarantees that any vehicle will sell in any given time frame. See the Consignment Page of our website for paid advertising options that typically produce faster results. Your listing will be processed as soon as possible, but CCG makes no guarantees on a specific listing time or date.

* I have read and understand these terms and conditions --->


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